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Bergé complemented the eponymous founder of the great fashion house just so. He died on September 8th 3

Best known as Yves Saint Lauren's business partner and former lover, Bergé was also an art collector, philanthropist and patron 1

Revenue from the category is outstripping total clothing sales 10

Britons are getting hairier but still prefer their politicians clean shaven 8

The absence of ornaments on men's bodies and clothing for two centuries was a historical anomaly. Things are now getting back to normal 9

French politicians ruffle hairdressers at their own peril 10

The fashion industry grapples with bad timing 15

The best designers need not choose traditional methods or high tech, but can choose the best of both 2

David Tovey, an artist and fashion designer, speaks to The Economist about battling serious illnesses, his memories of being homeless in London and the power of art 3

How local cosmetics brands are getting under men’s skin 5

Notes from a festival of facial follicles 15

Amid a great migration online, a few e-retailers open real-world outposts 4

Burt Shavitz, co-founder of Burt’s Bees, died on July 5th, aged 80 4

Banning catwalk shows will not stop Saudi women from looking chic 2

A new show at the Met looks at the way Western fashions once reflected distorted conceptions of China 2

Portrait of a modern fashion icon 2

What the careers of two British designers reveal about the fashion industry 1

The purpose of fashion shows is changing. Now everyone can watch 0

Why humanity is obsessed with its fur 15

The modern luxury industry rests on a paradox—but is thriving nonetheless, says Brooke Unger 16

Museums turn to the catwalk in an effort to bring in visitors 0

An illuminating biography of a secretive woman 0

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